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Establishing Vivo X Shot as a superior pro imaging device in India’s crowded smartphone ecosystem.


How to enter a crowded smartphone ecosystem in India with a premium handset from a then relatively unknown brand. Factor in an audience which is extremely price sensitive, and spoilt rotten by the plethora of options.

The key was to position the Vivo X Shot as a sleek multi-dimensional smartphone which is also a loaded pro imaging device.


A ‘selfie’ worthy phone camera backed by features & performance are key factors which drive purchase decision. If an influencer who is also a good photographer (not just a celebrity) whom you follow socially advocates it, you will probably listen.


4 Instagram influencers were roped in & given Vivo Xshot handsets & asked to capture their cities from their individual perspectives: night life, architecture & heritage, street food etc. The visuals they

clicked were shared to showcase the superiority of Vivo Xshot as an excellent imaging device.


Instagram  influencers shot their cities from their individual perspectives, leading to beautiful and vibrant captures that showcased the phone’s superior imaging quality.


Total fans added on Facebook page during the campaign.


Marketing Channels:
1. Social
2. Display Campaigns

creative approach

A two pronged creative approach was devised to ensure that visuals from influencers can be differentiated from tactical communication which is meant to highlight the features of the phone, and its camera.

1.1 mn

Impressions with 996k people reached.


post interactionsat $0.0003 per impressions


That’s it, that’s how much we spend.