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Infusing a fresh new perspective to reinforce Subway’s brand mantra of ‘eat fresh’


Subway is a global brand with a loyal following. But the fast food restaurant business had been getting crowded & competitive. New perspectives were needed to reinforce the core brand mantra of ‘eat fresh’ and issues related to food safety & hygiene needed personalized attention & swift decision making to address, alleviate & arrest.


A streamlined ORM process to address queries, escalate complaints and instant outreach can create a truly responsive & responsible brand. We also needed to map that to the lifestyle & pop-culture associations that the TG engages in.


From a on-the-clock ORM channel to a consistent on-brand social content and media strategy, we established a funnel that was on-brand, on-results and on-point…every time.

Oh yeah, there was that The Avengers tie-in promo that is one for the record books!


Shares of branded content directly from the page  increased by 30% in organic content.


Average cost per view of any video promoted on the Facebook page.


Average cost of fan acquisition on the page for the last 3 years.

for the record

Our ‘The Avengers’ teaser promo received incredible response in India, with the post generating massive impact with negligible spend!

1.1 mn

Impressions with 996k people reached.


post interactionsat $0.0003 per impressions


That’s it, that’s how much we spend.