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driving a strong global policy approach towards agriculture using the power of digital outreach


Funded by the Gates Foundation, Global Development Network initiated a research-to-policy project titled ‘Supporting Policy Research to Inform Agricultural Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia’. We were tasked to develop a comprehensive outreach program globally on defining agricultural policy.


The key was to streamline the target audience & design customized messages  to effectively connect all key participants – government, industry, academia & the core constituency of farmers online.


Agriculture is a narrative of survival, therefore every one has something to chew & ponder upon. We used UGC to introduce and drive key project takeaways like policy briefs, research papers, documentaries. The campaign drove awareness of public discourses on agriculture as seminal to  policy debates


Digital & social campaign, driving user views and downloads across facebook and targeted premium media like CNN, FT and BBC.


Ads and post variants across multiple channels


IIM Bangalore case study available on Harvard Business Review.


Full documentaries, each 20-25 min long, were watched on the Vimeo channel of the project.


Total impressions served across the globe using Google, Facebook ads apart from premium inventory like NYT, Financial Times, CNN, Foreign Policy, Washington Post, Reuters among others


The number of times research papers, each going on for over 70 pages, were downloaded from the campaign site.